'How to invade America' – packaged in living color, compliments of NGOs

'How to invade America' – packaged in living color, compliments of NGOs

'How to invade America' – packaged in living color, compliments of NGOs

Mainstream media in the U.S. has failed to report about the use of maps handed out by non-government organizations to migrants making their way to the southern border.

According to Muckraker, non-government organizations (NGOs) distributing those maps include Amigos Del Tren (see image above), the United Nations International Organization of Migration (IOM), Doctors Without Borders, Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela (R4V), and even the Red Cross.

American Family News spoke to Tom Trento, founder and executive director of The United West, about these organizations' involvement in distributing maps and more. He describes many of the NGOs as "anti-American, pro-illegal immigrant organizations."

"[These NGOs] have reduced the very, very dangerous, life-threatening trip from South America through Central America, up through Mexico and to the southern border of the United States, to a couple of handouts," he describes.

In addition, Trento points out the large, multi-fold handouts provide information about traveling by train, where to change stations, what a person's behavior should be, and more. "They've used graphics and color to simplify an illegal invasion into the United States of America," he maintains.

While the organizations might argue they are sharing this information out of humanitarian concern, The United West head contends that under closer examination their motivation is obviously a bit more. Their priority, Trento says, is the "absolute destabilizing" of America.

Trento, Tom (The United West) Trento

"These people hate the United States – and the humanitarian concern that's presented out front is secondary," he argues. "The documents they're providing are designed to destabilize the economy and the cultural elements of Western civilization in America."

Trento suggests the people coming to America are being used to "drive out Republican and conservative principles" in an effort to turn the entire country "blue" – which causes him to worry where the country will be in the next 15 to 20 years.

Most Americans residing outside of Texas, Arizona, and parts of California, he says, "have no idea what's going on" along the border. But to his satisfaction, some cities around the country are beginning to wake up as Election Day 2024 approaches.

"Some of the major sanctuary cities run by Democrats are becoming overwhelmed by the people they once welcomed," he explains. "They're throwing [away] the welcome mat and they're trying to send them somewhere else."

"Our goal should be to [awaken those voters] before the election in November 2024 so they vote for pro-legal immigration candidates," he concludes.

Trento finds "alarming" the sheer number of people coming across the border. The influx, he says, could pose a threat larger than destabilization of the country, possibly even a level of destruction larger than the 9/11 terror attacks. According to House Committee on Homeland Security chairman Mark E. Green (R-Tennessee), "The number of individuals apprehended illegally crossing the Southwest border and found to be on the terrorist watchlist has increased 2,500 percent from Fiscal Years 2017-2020 to Fiscal Year 2023."