Putting DOD leadership 'on notice' for trampling vets' rights

Putting DOD leadership 'on notice' for trampling vets' rights

Putting DOD leadership 'on notice' for trampling vets' rights

Several military veterans who are now running for political office are vowing to hold accountable those who imposed the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on America's protectors. One of those is hoping to flip a traditionally "blue" House seat for the GOP.

Chris Coulombe is a Republican candidate for a House seat in California's 2nd Congressional District, which extends from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border. He tells American Family News "it's a deep blue district" that's been filled by a Democrat for nearly 12 years.

"A lot of people are moving closer to the center after seeing the impacts of poor policy" in the left-leaning state, he shares.

One of his many initiatives would include protecting the financial security of the nation's veterans. "This would include exempting all active duty and honorably discharged veterans from federal income tax for life on the first $182,000 of income," he explains.

A nonpartisan primary for the congressional seat is on March 5, 2024.

Chris Coulombe concluded more than 15 years of military service in 2016, during which he served as an enlisted service member and an infantry officer in three branches of the U.S. Armed Forces – the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.

Citing his oath to the Constitution and his love for the military, Coulombe was compelled to be among the more than 200 veterans and active-duty service members who signed a New Year's Day open letter announcing their willingness to hold military leaders accountable for enforcing the now-rescinded August 2021 military vaccine mandate.

The first public statement about the Declaration of Military Accountability has garnered over 4 million views and over 12,000 reposts this past week on X, formerly known as Twitter. One day later, on January 2, a website was launched inviting all Americans to pledge their support alongside the original signatories of the letter.

Coulombe, Chris Coulombe

"[The letter and petition have] put Department of Defense leadership on notice that many of us are clearly aware of how the constitutional rights of service members were trampled on by the implementation of an unlawful mandate," Coulombe tells AFN.

"We will ensure that there is accountability to those senior leaders who make such decisions that morally damage service members, violate their constitutional rights, and more," he explains. "There must be accountability to right the wrong that has been suffered against the [military] institution that we love dearly."

Some social media users have suggested the signatories' actions are nothing short of sedition and mutiny.

"[But] they're not even in the same universe," Coulombe argues. "People are simply taking the counter-narrative to try to diminish the credibility of something they don't understand."

"Every American has the right to seek redress," he continues. "[And speaking as one of] the signers of the letter, we believe this is part of a path to call for accountability.

"As Americans we have a right and a duty to speak about any of the injustices that our government inflicts upon the population," he adds.

Coulombe argues this is especially important for the military, which is tasked with protecting the American people and is "historically one of the most trusted institutions."

The veteran laments that the government and military have been weaponized against the people of America. "[That's why] We The People must make sure truth prevails and do what's right and just … or America as we know it – an America that is good – will no longer exist," he warns.