Then God brought the farmers

Then God brought the farmers

Then God brought the farmers

Some Americans are tending Israel's crops so the nation can focus on fighting terrorism.

Some of The Israel Guys recently told Fox News their evangelical group has been serving the Jewish communities in the West Bank for more than 20 years because they want to do their part for the biblically significant nation of Israel.

"We're Christian Zionists," Joshua Waller began. "The Bible never talked about growing tomatoes, potatoes, and corn in Tennessee, where I'm from. We wanted to be about God's business, and we came here to the Holy Land of Israel, and we started helping the farmers here."

Much of Israel's produce is grown in the Gaza Strip, but the local farmers and their families have left the war-torn area in recent weeks. Waller said all hands are on deck for the Israeli military, so the Americans came in to tend the farms while the Israeli men are on the frontlines of war.

"We're filling the void here," Waller noted. "These guys have come in to help on the farms here of the Judea and Samaria region."

In addition to tending to crops and livestock, they will also be taking care of needed repairs around the farms or ranches and helping to keep the people of Israel fed.

Yoseph Strain of Montana, who is in Israel with his brother, said his family is not too worried about them being in a war zone.

"It's always something to worry about, but this isn't really something we're too worried about," he said. "What we're trying to do is help."

John Plocher said the imminent danger is the reason he is there.

"Israel was in trouble, and they needed help; I wanted to come – it's pretty plain and simple," he explained. "People say, 'Well, why now? Now is not the time to go because it's dangerous.' And for me, I say, 'Now is the time to go. It's when they need us the most.'"

Waller ended the interview with an invitation for anyone interested in joining the operation to visit ServeIsrael.com and find out the best ways to help.