Reminder: Islam teaches terrorism

Reminder: Islam teaches terrorism

Reminder: Islam teaches terrorism

A scholar and terrorism expert says a new poll debunks the notion that most Muslims are against terrorism.

According to the recent Cygnal poll, 28% of Muslims in the United States "strongly agree" that the October 7th terrorist attack on Israeli civilians was justified. 29% "somewhat agree."

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, says this contradicts the notion advanced by apologists on the Left who say Islam is mostly composed of so-called moderate Muslims.

Spencer, Robert (Jihad Watch) Spencer

"A lot of the American false assumptions and wishful thinking regarding moderate Muslims, they're completely unfounded," he submits. "The facts show what I've always said for 20 years now – that the so-called extremists, the jihadis and the people who favor the jihadis, are a broad mainstream within Islam."

"What they do is taught in Islamic theology," Spencer continues, "The people who care what Islam teaches, they cannot and do not oppose what the terrorists do."

In other words, the terrorists are just doing what is written in the Quran.

The poll does not ask about support for Al-Qaeda or terrorist attacks in America, nor does it break down Muslim demographics by age.

But the overall demographic support for Hamas skews much higher among younger people. Since the young commit terrorist attacks, Jihad Watch reasons that is where the pressure point is; the situation in Israel does and will affect the United States.

"The idea that these moderates are standing by and [are] going to take over and stop the terrorists – this is just fantasy on the part of Western analysts," Spencer says.

Illegal and dangerous response requested of Biden

As Israel prepares to respond to Hamas' terrorist attacks, Gaza residents have been warned to evacuate the city.

In America, some are already calling upon the Biden administration to allow the Gazans to come to the United States. But Ira Mehlman, media director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), says that is a bad idea.

"First of all, it's illegal," he begins. "The president does not have the power to just grant parole to anybody that he wants in any number."

Mehlman, Ira (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Mehlman

The law, Mehlman explains, is "very specific." It lays out the conditions under which parole can be granted, and it must be on a case-by-case basis. There must also be some compelling national or humanitarian interest.

"The president simply can't just make up rules and decide that he's going to let in people who are otherwise inadmissible to the United States," Mehlman reiterates.

Secondly, he points out that granting mass parole to Gazans would be dangerous.

"They just carried out one of the most horrific atrocities that we have seen in our lifetimes," the FAIR spokesman recaps. "We have no way of vetting them. The ruling authority where they live is a terrorist organization. They're not going to tell us who the dangerous people are, and in fact, they'd be likely to send dangerous people to our shores."

Mehlman says providing temporary safe havens in the region is the only viable way to keep Gazans safe and ensure the security of the United States.