Before it's too late, U.S. can learn a lesson from Hamas border breech

Before it's too late, U.S. can learn a lesson from Hamas border breech

Chinese nationals are seen near the U.S.-Mexico border after being discovered by a Fox News crew. 

Before it's too late, U.S. can learn a lesson from Hamas border breech

Israel’s failure to discover and stop a well-planned surprise attack by Hamas fighters is a lesson for the United States and our porous, overrun southern border, says a national security analyst.

When the Hamas terrorists breeched Israel’s border wall with Gaza by sea, air and land, Bob Maginnis says he was thinking about our U.S.-Mexico border where suspected terrorists are walking right in.

“We know that not only criminals but terrorist sympathizers, if not outright terrorists from many countries around the world, have infiltrated into this country,” he tells AFN.

His warning is not political talking points or right-wing paranoia, either. The public knows about potential terrorists because the U.S. Border Patrol, using an FBI list of international suspects, keeps confirming those people are being apprehended. That number of apprehensions in 2023 hit a record in May, 125 arrests, which followed 98 such arrests during the 2022 fiscal year, Fox News reported five months ago.

That number, 125, had jumped to 160 arrests by the end of July, Fox News reported in a second story.

Among the apprehensions this year, the Border Patrol is encountering thousands of Chinese nationals (pictured at top) who are entering the U.S. and requesting asylum. Some of those are likely fleeing persecution, China expert Gordon Chang has said, but it's likely some are trained agents and even saboteurs now living in our country. 

During the fiscal year, the number of Chinese nationals apprehended by the Border Patrol had ballooned to nearly 21,000, according to a San Diego Tribune story that cited a Border Patrol graph.

Just like some illegal aliens are “gotaways” who elude the Border Patrol, it is unclear how many foreign agents on the FBI watchlist manage to sneak past into the U.S. undetected and disappear into the country. 

On the “Washington Watch” program, retired U.S. Army general Jerry Boykin also compared Israel’s intelligence failure to U.S. security. It appears Israel relaxed its famous security operations and intelligence gathering during political turmoil and infighting, he says, which is another lesson to draw from. 

“If we don’t make some very clear decisions in terms of what we are going to do in our military, as well as our intelligence services, and that includes the FBI, we’re going to see the same thing,” Boykin warned. “They’re still out there. They still want to destroy us.”

Much like Israel’s enemies stately clearly they want to kill Jews, the retired general said, America’s enemies have told us what they want to do so us, too.