Cartel-trained terrorists being drawn to Biden's free-for-all border

Cartel-trained terrorists being drawn to Biden's free-for-all border

Cartel-trained terrorists being drawn to Biden's free-for-all border

America's southern border is increasingly more active with terrorists attempting to enter the country, as the 2023 numbers rise far above the previous year.

Thousands of illegals from all over the world continue to stream across the U.S. southern border as word spreads that the Biden administration is doing little if anything to stop the invasion that has overwhelmed border agents. In tiny Eagle Pass, Texas, nearly 6,000 migrants crossed from Mexico in to the U.S. over just a two-day period last week.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, an increasing number of people on the U.S. terrorist watchlist are being encountered at the border. As of July, 160 non-U.S. persons named on the watchlist have attempted to enter through the country's southern border. That's an increase of about 100 encounters compared to fiscal year 2022.

American Family News spoke to global security expert Ben Varlese. One of his biggest concerns about the steady stream of alleged "migrants" into the country is the history of cooperation between Mexican cartels and terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah. He dates this "crime-terror nexus" back at least ten years.

Varlese, Benjamin Varlese

"Mexican drug cartels are actually training foreign terrorist groups like Al Shabaab, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda to pass themselves off as Mexicans or other Latin Americans," he describes. Toward that end, he says, they're being taught Spanish and how to seek asylum in the United States.

Likewise, Varlese says, the cartels are learning terror tactics. Terrorist organizations are teaching the cartels about smuggling, money laundering, human trafficking, drug tracking, arms trafficking, and more.

More than 2,200 people were recently captured on video, crossing the river from Coahuila into Eagle Pass in a tactic Varlese contends was deliberately organized by cartels to overwhelm U.S. Customs and Border Patrol – and many of them were Venezuelan, he adds.

Coincidentally, the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is well-connected to Iran, which also just happens to be closely allied with the terror organization Hezbollah. That concerns Varlese greatly.

"All these people on the terror watchlist are coming through because the Biden administration pretty much projected to the world that it's a free-for-all," Varlese says.

"How many terrorists are being passed off as Venezuelan? How many of them are not caught crossing the border?" he questions. "This might not end so well for the United States, [as] another large-scale terrorist attack could occur [at any moment]."

Earlier this year, Varlese suggested that designating Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations would be a positive step toward stemming the flow of dangerous drugs coming across the border.