'Woke' sex-ed being foisted on next generation of AF officers

'Woke' sex-ed being foisted on next generation of AF officers

'Woke' sex-ed being foisted on next generation of AF officers

Two retired generals report the U.S. Air Force is attempting to indoctrinate its young cadets behind closed doors, shielding some of its "sex education" training from the public.

American Family News spoke with Air Force Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Rod Bishop, chairman of Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc. (STARRS) – a group of veterans standing against "woke" ideology in the U.S. military and its service academies. Over the weekend, he and his organization were informed that the U.S. Air Force Academy began "sex education" briefings for its junior class of cadets.

According to Bishop, cadets undergoing the training are being "tyrannically" told not to take pictures or record the briefings. Inside sources are revealing to STARRS that the cadets – who are near graduation and on track to become commissioned Air Force officers – are being instructed that "sex is determined at birth, but gender is how you see yourself," he reports.

Bishop, Lt Gen (ret) Rod Bishop

"They are being told that they must respect the gender choices of those who will be reporting to them – but the training being reported goes beyond respect and acceptance," Biship laments. "[It amounts to] indoctrination with a strong, authoritative [order that] you must affirm a way of living that many people of faith don't ascribe to."  

Maj. Gen. Charlie Baldwin, chaplain for STARRS, comments in part: "I am so very sad and disappointed with this new information. [It's] a terrible and dangerous ideology that conflicts with sound, biblical teaching." Baldwin, former chief of chaplains for the U.S. Air Force, adds he will be reaching out to the current chief of chaplains.

Force feeding

According to multiple parents, cadets have already been subjected to a male calculus teacher who wears a female uniform to class – creating an environment, STARRS has been told, to which many are having trouble adjusting.

"We have been sharing the Marxist roots, history, lineage and intent of such ideology with military leaders for over three years now," Bishop states. "Either senior leadership has been indoctrinated themselves; or they are just saluting smartly and following directions from leftist-leaning civilian leadership, not taking a stand against this politicalization, indoctrination, and cultural change being forced upon the military."

The STARRS chairman explains that members of Congress have an opportunity to combat some of that indoctrination. "There is some very good [anti-woke] language contained in the House version of the [2024 National Defense Authorization Act] – let's hope much of it sticks through the Conference Committee and is eventually passed into law," he adds.

STARRS has submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to determine the genesis of the training at the Air Force Academy. "I hope parents speak up on this one, and Congress moves to end this Marxist cancer in the military," Bishop concludes.