Sen. Tuberville saluted for defending rule of law

Sen. Tuberville saluted for defending rule of law

Sen. Tuberville saluted for defending rule of law

A former military chaplain and state representative believes President Biden's decision to keep a key military command in Colorado was a retaliatory move against a Republican senator.

President Joe Biden has decided to ignore Air Force advice and keep U.S. Space Command headquarters in Colorado, overturning a decision by the Trump administration to move it to Huntsville, Alabama. Colorado lawmakers praise the decision, and Alabama officials have slammed it as purely political.

The location debate became entangled in the ongoing battle between Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (R) and the Biden Defense Department over the latter's push to provide taxpayer-funded abortions for military personnel. Tuberville, who opposes the policy, has blocked hundreds of military promotions in protest.

Gordon Klingenschmitt spent 11 years as a Minuteman missile weapons officer in the Air Force. One of his assignments was with U.S. Space Command.

"As a pro-life Christian, I fully support U.S. Senator Tuberville from Alabama, who has been holding the Biden administration accountable for their lawlessness concerning diversion of military funds to pay for abortion travel," Klingenschmitt declares. "That's illegal, and Senator Tuberville has been a hero to the movement for defending not just the rights of unborn children to be born, but also defending the rule of law."

He says that as a longtime resident of and former state legislator for The Centennial State.

"Colorado has an openly gay, pro-abortion governor [and] two openly pro-abortion U.S. Senators," he notes. "This was clearly, in my opinion, pure political retribution against Tuberville, who is a hero for holding up the confirmations until the Biden administration obeys the law and stops paying for child killing with our tax dollars."

More than 5,000 veterans have written Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-Kentucky) declaring they "firmly support Sen. Tuberville's position of holding civilian, general, and flag officers from confirmation by unanimous consent until the DOD rescinds its policy of subsidizing abortion."

The American Family Association has also begun a petition drive to allow people to show support for Tuberville and his stance against taxpayer dollars for abortion expenses for military personnel.

In response to Biden's decision, Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers (R) warned that "this fight is far from over.

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