TX might be doing something right to be accused of so much wrong

TX might be doing something right to be accused of so much wrong

TX might be doing something right to be accused of so much wrong

A border security watchdog calls it absurd that Mexico and the Biden administration are joining together to fight Texas and its Republican governor over a floating barrier in the Rio Grande.

The 1,000-foot orange barrier was erected in the famous river on the U.S.-Mexico border in the latest effort by Gov. Greg Abbott to stop illegal immigrants from reaching U.S. territory on the north bank of the river. The ongoing effort, called Operation Lone Star, began with military-like razor wire that was strung along the bank which is successfully keeping illegals from crossing.

First, the Mexican government filed a formal diplomatic complaint two weeks ago alleging the barrier and the razor wire are illegal. Then, on Monday, the U.S. Justice Department sued Texas to demand a federal judge court order the removal of the orange barrier.

After critics complained about the razor wire, because it is dangerous, that was viewed by some as confirmation it is proving effective. In that case, it appears the buoys are effective, too, since the complaint now is illegals could drown if they get trapped beneath it.

Mehlman, Ira (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Mehlman

Ira Mehlman, speaking for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says Texas officials took action because the Biden administration refuses to discourage illegal immigration in our country.

“And so they have taken steps to try to prevent people from entering into Texas,” he says, “which is where the bulk of the people are coming in.”

Mehlman calls it ironic the United States and Mexico have joined together to sue Texas.

“It just keeps getting more and more absurd here,” he says.

More chaos on the horizon

Mehlman is also critical of a ruling earlier this week by Federal District Court Judge Jon Tigar regarding the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule implemented by the Biden administration. He argues the judge's decision effectively negates any impediments to foreign nationals seeking to abuse America's asylum laws and will trigger an even more massive surge of people crossing the border illegally.

"… In addition to this massive and illegal scheme that the administration has come up with to get people into the country without entering between ports of entry, we're going to also see a resurgence in the number of people coming across the southwest border once weather conditions permit. So, we'll have the worst of both worlds in that case," he predicts.

Mehlman also contends Tigar's ruling threatens even greater chaos, ignoring the real harm that is being done to the nation, as communities across the U.S. are reaching what he calls a "breaking point" trying to cope with the 2.3 million new illegal immigrants the Biden administration has already allowed to enter the country.