After 'police station' arrests, DOJ chips away at CCP inside U.S.

After 'police station' arrests, DOJ chips away at CCP inside U.S.

After 'police station' arrests, DOJ chips away at CCP inside U.S.

China’s massive and transparent invasion of the United States, from Wall Street firms and college campuses to Midwest farmland, keeps growing like a cancer. So a national security expert says he was surprised the Biden administration finally shut down one of numerous clandestine offices located in the U.S. that are operated by China’s spy agency.

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced it had arrested two Chinese-Americans for operating the clandestine operation located in New York City’s famous Chinatown, The New York Post reported. The criminal complaint said 44 other defendants were charged for illegally acting on behalf of China inside the U.S., too.

AFN reported last November, now five months ago, the Chinese Communist Party was operating numerous so-called “police stations” in large U.S. cities that were supposedly set up to innocently help Chinese nationals. In reality, trained Chinese nationals used them spy on distrusted Chinese nationals living in the U.S. and even to pressure them to return to China. China's spy agency is known as the Ministry of State Security.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told a U.S. Senate Committee last fall he was “very concerned” about the centers and the FBI was reviewing the “legal parameters.”

Devin Nunes, the former U.S. congressman, commented on the arrests during an interview on American Family Radio, where he described learning about the Chinese Communist Party while on Capitol Hill. 

Nunes is perhaps best known for leading a House investigation into "Russia collusion" involving Donald Trump, an investigation that became critical of the Obama administration and the Department of Justice. On the radio show, Nunes told show host Jenna Ellis he recalled leading a House Intelligence Committee investigation into China that sounded the alarm over our communist enemy and its view of freedom.  

"It’s not just about the total control in your country," he explained, "but even for the people who flee, who have fled China, they then track you and follow you around the world." 

Bob Maginnis, a national security analyst at the Family Research Council, tells AFN he wasn’t “surprised in the least” to learn the ruthless Chinese government is chasing down its own people and using spies to do it.

“It's part and parcel of what we would expect,” he says.

Maginnis adds he was surprised the Justice Department finally cracked down on what the CCP is doing inside the U.S., even though that fact has been known for a long time.

Last year, the DOJ publicly announced it was shutting down the "China Initiative," a counter-espionage operation that began under the Trump administration, because it was accused of racial profiling.

Back on the radio show, the AFR audience held a similar comment from the former congressman.

“I wouldn't get too quick to give the DOJ or FBI any credit yet," Nunes said, "because it’s likely been going on for a long time."

In the same interview, the discussion of China and its authoritarian government moved on to the topic of the U.S. government moving toward CBDC, or Central Bank Digital Currency. That alarming move is coming quickly, Nunes warned, and will allow what he called "government-sanctioned surveillance." 

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with comments from Devin Nunes on the "Jenna Ellis in the Morning" program on American Family Radio.