Advice: Look beyond leaker to serious questions about Ukraine

Advice: Look beyond leaker to serious questions about Ukraine

Advice: Look beyond leaker to serious questions about Ukraine

Jack Teixeira, the 21-year-old leaker of classified documents through a platform popular with video game players, is being painted as reckless and immature. Whether he is remains to be seen.

The real story revealed in the government secrets that made their way to the public is that the Biden administration is backing a losing horse for its own reasons, journalist Pedro Gonzalez said on American Family Radio on Monday.

Gonzalez, the politics editor for Chronicles Magazine, told show host Jenna Ellis that mainstream media are focusing too much on Teixeira and not other findings such as those that show U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine while billions pour into a war the White House believes the good guys can’t win.

Russia's obsolete tanks have 'no chance' on Ukraine's battlefields

Chad Groening, AFN.net

Russia’s main battle tanks have been so badly decimated in Ukraine that 60-year-old models are being pulled out of storage and sent to the battlefield, but a military analyst predicts that ancient armor will be ripped apart.

Russia has lost at least 2,000 tanks in its fight with Ukraine’s military, which has forced the Kremlin to drag out T-62 tanks, which date back to the 1960s, and even T-55 models that date back farther, according a Forbes article.

Bob Maginnis, a retired U.S. Army officer now with the Family Research Council, tells AFN the most sophisticated tank in Russia is the T-90. Those prized tanks are not being sent to Ukraine but are kept in and around Moscow. So that means older models are being sent to the frontlines.

"I've ridden in those,” says Maginnis, who was stationed in West Germany during his military career. “They're resilient but they're very primitive: manual loading, manual engagement, limited types of munitions, limited ranges.”

On the modern-day battlefield, he says, the older tanks have “absolutely no chance” against the armor being sent to Ukraine, such as the M1A2 and the Leopard.      

“I haven't referred to the person as a whistleblower because the official story, at least from him, and obviously this could be untrue, is that he didn't intend for the documents to get leaked,” Gonzalez said. “It was part of like some kind of an online group of people, and he basically suggested ‘I was just showing off’ and somehow it got leaked from the group chat. It happens, right, and not necessarily he was intending to expose anything.”

The story has far more significance than the ability of a young Massachusetts National Guardsman to handle sensitive information, Gonzalez said.

“The mainstream," the editor asserted, "is trying to use it to make it seem like he's even more reckless.”

Other facts should be more disturbing, Gonzalez said.

Boots on the ground

The documents also revealed that 14 U.S. Special Forces soldiers have been on the ground in Ukraine. So have other Western countries. Fifty elite fighters from Great Britain make up more than half of the Western special forces believed to be active in Ukraine.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed to Fox News last week that US Special Forces are on the ground but ‘are not fighting on the battlefield.’ Kirby was light on specifics but said a ‘small U.S. military presence at the embassy’ was working to maintain accountability for material and supplies moving in and out of Ukraine.

Gonzalez said the docs provided nothing new and only served to confirm conclusions many had already drawn. Outrage from Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and others blaming President Joe Biden for the leaks should instead look at Biden’s performance in other areas.

“Kevin McCarthy tweeted something like ‘We’re going to have an investigation because Biden fell asleep with the switch and allowed this information to get leaked.’ It's like, hold on, Kevin, you're angry that the information?  You're not angry that we're at war without a congressional authorization or the leaks showed that we have special forces on the ground in operating inside Ukraine? That doesn’t bother you?’”

The documents also showed the U.S. Special Forces are in place in spite of serious doubts from the White House that Ukraine can win.

Ukraine’s coming offensive – hindered by deficiencies in training and munitions -- is expected to produce only modest territorial gains if at all, the administration believes.

“I think the average person kind of suspects that, but that's obviously not the narrative that you're getting from not just the US mainstream media, but basically the media in any liberal democracy in the world. They’re all rooting for Ukraine and, and kind of saying that Russia's collapse is inevitable,” Gonzalez said. “According to like the intelligence that we have, that that's not the case. The prospects for Ukraine's victory are very dim, but the public can't know that because then the public asks the question, ‘Why are we spending so much money on a losing war?’”

Gonzalez compared the leaked documents to the Afghanistan Papers in 2019, leaked documents produced by the Special Inspector General revealing how U.S. officials had misled the public for nearly two decades.

In 2006 then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld painted a vibrant picture of a war-torn country where illegal drug seizures were up, free elections were in place and Afghans were attending soccer games again.

“Now you’re telling me that this is just like Afghanistan all over again?" Gonzalez said of that revelation.  "Remember the Afghan papers that the U.S. military and our intelligence knew that basically the conflict was unwinnable at the same time that it was lying to the public. It was the same thing with Vietnam, right? It's, it's just a repeat of the same story all over again." 

What the administration really wants

Gonzalez believes the U.S. goal is simply to weaken Russia through a long, continuous conflict of its own making. Along the way Teixeira could prove to be a convenient scapegoat.

“For the average person victory means you beat the enemy. Well, that’s not what it means to the United States establishment. That’s not what it means to foreign policy,” Gonzalez said. “Victory means you get as many people killed as possible to weaken an adversary that you’re supposedly not a war with which is Russia, right? It’s the most ghoulish goal by any other standards for the objectives of war.”

Gonzalez cited a famous John Quincy Adams quote saying the administration would do well to remember one of the founding fathers.

“There are two entirely different goals," he warned. "The American people just want to be left alone. They want peace at home, they wish the best for people abroad. John Quincy Adams said America is the vindicator of her own, the well-wisher of all. She does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy but instead champions and vindicates her own cause.”