Setting stage for U.S. to do what's necessary

Setting stage for U.S. to do what's necessary

Setting stage for U.S. to do what's necessary

When it comes to dealing with the Mexican drug cartels, a senior army strategist and Pentagon advisor thinks the U.S. should keep a military option on the table.

In the wake of the murders of two of the four Americans who were brutally abducted in Matamoros, Mexico last week, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) told the Fox News Channel he wants to empower the U.S. military to fight Mexican drug cartels.

"I'm going to introduce legislation to make certain Mexican drug cartels foreign terrorist organizations under U.S. law and set the stage to use military force, if necessary, to protect America from being poisoned by things coming out of Mexico," Sen. Graham declared. "I would tell the Mexican government, 'If you don't clean up your act, we're going to clean it up for you.'"

The Biden administration, he added, "has done nothing about it."

Maginnis, Robert (FRC) Maginnis

Bob Maginnis, a senior fellow for national security at the Family Research Council (FRC), finds it "hard to believe that the Mexican government isn't already totally corrupted," but he says it may still be willing to go after the cartels.

"Before we deploy our military forces into a neighboring country, we need to pursue all avenues," he submits.

Still, he agrees that at some point, the U.S. will need to take action.

"Clearly destroying the menace and the threat that these cartels pose is something in our national interest, and therefore, we ought to throw resources at it, and we ought to do what's necessary," Maginnis asserts.