'Good old boy network' is failing the troops

'Good old boy network' is failing the troops

'Good old boy network' is failing the troops

Because senior military leadership is seemingly more concerned with enriching their pensions than with ensuring readiness, a retired naval officer and ship commander doesn't think America would be prepared to fight a war with Communist China.

Following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) visit to the island democracy of Taiwan, the Communist regime in Beijing conducted "precision missile strikes" in the Taiwan Strait and in the waters off the eastern coast of Taiwan – territory China claims as its own, to be annexed by force if necessary.

Pelosi's visit ratcheted up tension between China and the United States, and the Biden administration has not been clear about what it will do if and when China does invade Taiwan.

Lippold, Kirk (Cmdr, USN-Ret.) Lippold

"I think that the United States military today, driven by the leadership, is not focused on the true defense of our nation and ensuring that our national security interests are represented in how our force is structured, how it is trained, and who we have serving today," responds retired Navy Commander Kirk Lippold.

He tells AFN the U.S. Navy has more admirals than ships right now. 

"The admirals are part of a good old boy network. They are enriching themselves with post-retirement board positions and non-compete contracts through their defense contractor buddies," Lippold asserts. "We are, in fact, failing to take care of those troops at the tip of the spear. It is true whether you're an airman on the flight line, a seaman on deck, a Marine at the frontline, or an Army kid digging a foxhole. We are not looking to take care of the forces who defend this nation because the admirals and generals are too busy taking care of themselves."

Meanwhile, he believes China will invade Taiwan and predicts that it will happen "within the next two to three years."