Vaccine push has little to do with COVID, says doctor

Vaccine push has little to do with COVID, says doctor

Vaccine push has little to do with COVID, says doctor

A former Army doctor who was relieved of his military duties for warning soldiers about the risks of taking the COVID jab believes the Department of Defense mandate is as a way to purge the military of critical thinkers.

LifeSiteNews reports that Army physician Dr. Pete Chambers was serving as a taskforce surgeon for Operation Lone Star, the military border assignment between Texas and Mexico, when he started noticing vaccine injuries among the soldiers he treated. 

AFN previously reported that Dr. Chambers, now retired from the U.S. Army, personally had an adverse reaction to his Moderna COVID vaccine and now suffers from demyelination, a condition affecting the central nervous system.

He decided months ago that it was his duty to warn soldiers about the potential risks of the COVID shots. But the Army soon replaced him with a doctor who toed the vaccine line.

Dr. Chambers believes the Biden Pentagon is unyielding in its pro-vaccine position for a reason.

"I'm out of uniform now, so I can probably give you my personal opinion on this without some kind of retribution," he begins. "In my opinion, we're purging the military of critical thinkers like me who had to stand up and say, 'No, sir -- That's an unlawful order. I will continue to give informed consents.' That's the regulation."

Dr. Chambers adds that the DOD is trying to cover up the extensive number of shot-related injuries, both reported and unreported, among the troops.

"They're having brain fog, they're having long-term effects, their immune system is going down -- all of these things," he lists. "If I were a nefarious actor, if I were a bad guy and I was to create a bioweapon, this is what I would create. It is my contention that eventually we will see that it is a bioweapon," the physician continues. "Eventually it will be proven, and eventually we will be giving Purple Hearts to soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines that have been wounded in this biowarfare attack. That is my personal feeling."

Chambers, who now has a civilian medical practice in Oklahoma, has makde it his life's mission to warn Americans against taking the dangerous injections.