Biden's approach to 'save' America: Double down on failure

Biden's approach to 'save' America: Double down on failure

Biden's approach to 'save' America: Double down on failure

A seasoned Afghan War veteran who's now running for Congress says the appeasement approach and weakness of the Biden administration is contributing to America's demise – and could be playing into the hands of the Left to bring the U.S. to its knees.

American Family News spoke with Brigadier General Don Bolduc (USA-Ret.), who served ten tours with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2013. He contends that an "imbalance in national security in both homeland and foreign policy" is the cause of America's national security problems.

To be a secure nation, says Bolduc, the United States cannot be weak economically, be energy-dependent, or have open borders. To fix what he perceives as that imbalance will require "effective leadership in the diplomatic, informational, military, and economic elements of national power," he states.

Bolduc argues that two major factors – the nation's departure from its values and principles, and the undermining of its citizens' constitutional rights – account for the distrust and lack of credibility the U.S. currently possesses throughout the world.

Bolduc, Gen. Don (USA-Ret.) Bolduc

"[The Biden administration's] diplomatic approach is appeasement, and appeasement is not working," the retired U.S. Army officer warns. "When the United States is indecisive and doesn't lead by example, this negatively affects the rest of the world."

In fact, he argues that the current administration's style of "leadership" could have disastrous, even dangerous effects on several regions around the world.

The evil actors we must watch

An immediate priority, he points out, is that the U.S. must "get in the way of any kind of Russian hegemonic expansion, preventing the Soviet Union from returning to what it once was." Allowing that to occur, he explains, would be an endangerment to the entire world.

In addition, the "allegiance" shared between Russia and China is an important part of the conversation, Bolduc notes. He suggests the U.S. needs to get tougher on the Beijing regime to "keep China from working behind the scenes to encourage the actions by Russia, [as well as] eliminate its threats to Taiwan."

Moving to the Middle East situation, the retired general says America's foreign policy with Iran "is absolutely broken, [allowing the Middle Eastern country] to expand its nuclear program to a very dangerous level."

And finally, he emphasizes that North Korea "must not become a destabilizing entity in Asia or be allowed to expand their missile program as exponentially as they have over the last few months."

In short, Bolduc attributes the inability to stifle the dangerous actions of these countries directly to the appeasement policy of the Biden administration. And making matters more untenable, he says, the U.S. government and military is appearing increasingly weak to other countries.

"The country has to get stronger and stick to its values and principles," he states – admitting he doesn't put much faith in the current administration to have such strength and determination. "[In fact,] they double down on failure, leading me to think it's their plan to undermine America."

He warns if they are successful in that regard, "the destruction of America is going to destroy the hope of many people in the world who look towards America to be the vanguard of freedom, justice, and liberty."

Editor's note: Bolduc – a 33-year veteran of the U.S. Army – is currently running as a Republican for a seat in the U.S. Senate, representing New Hampshire. He has been endorsed by individuals such as Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin (USA-Ret.); and groups such as Vets for Trump.