Biden's 'reckless policies' prove deadly

Biden's 'reckless policies' prove deadly

Biden's 'reckless policies' prove deadly

Immigration enforcement advocates agree that Joe Biden has created the environment that led to the recent death of an American soldier on the southern border.

Bishop E. Evans, the late Texas Army National Guard specialist who apparently drowned while attempting to rescue two individuals who authorities say appeared to be drowning in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas while trying to enter the United States illegally, is being hailed as a hero. Authorities found his body Monday, after he had been reported missing last week.

Texas Rangers have determined from initial reports that the two migrants "were involved in illicit transnational narcotics trafficking."

Raley, Spencer (FAIR) Raley

"What happened is just tragic, and it shouldn't have happened," comments Spencer Raley, director of research at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). "In the first place, he shouldn't have been there. The federal government should be doing their job; they should be securing our border so that members of the Texas National Guard don't even need to be there to help secure the border."

And since Evans died attempting to help individuals who were crossing the border illegally "to do very bad things" in America, Raley calls it "doubly tragic."

Vaughan, Jessica Vaughan

Jessica Vaughan, a former Foreign Service officer with the U.S. State Department who now serves as director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, likewise calls it a horrific tragedy that she says occurred because of Biden's destructive border policies.

"He has let it descend into absolute chaos to the point where the state of Texas is sending its law enforcement officers to do the job that the federal government will not do," she notes."

None of this, she says, would have occurred if the federal government had the situation at the border under control like it was "before the Biden administration's reckless policies."