DoD hurting military morale, undermining readiness

DoD hurting military morale, undermining readiness

DoD hurting military morale, undermining readiness

A Christian law firm is defending a naval ship commander who refuses to take the jab based on his religious convictions.

The U.S. Navy claims it cannot deploy one of its $2 billion guided missile cruisers because its commander steadfastly refuses to take a COVID shot. Navy officials tell the Navy Times that they have "lost confidence" in the unnamed officer's "ability to lead" and that they want to fire him for bucking the requirement to get the jab and for allegedly exposing crew members to COVID-19 when he experienced symptoms and decided not to get tested.

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel) Staver

But as Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel notes, a federal judge has issued an injunction preventing the Navy and Marine Corps from taking any disciplinary action against the warship commander and a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel for likewise refusing the vaccine.

"It's unbelievable that the Department of Defense and the Navy would lie by saying that the commander's ship was not deployable, when, in fact, at the very time that they filed that document in court, the commander was out to sea for a two-week training and testing mission and actually completed the operation early," the attorney adds.

Staver is amazed to see how the Biden administration and the Department of Defense have lied.

"They are willing to vilify and hurt a person's character and leadership just so they can force every arm with the COVID shots," he laments. "It's hurting morale, it is undermining military readiness, and, in fact, it's actually hurting and killing some of our men and women in the military. That's the testimony that we heard in a federal courtroom."

The Liberty Counsel founder also points out that the military has violated the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act as well as the First Amendment.