Spartz: Ukraine needs guns, not sticks

Spartz: Ukraine needs guns, not sticks

Spartz: Ukraine needs guns, not sticks

A Ukrainian-born congresswoman is appealing to America and her president on behalf of the beleaguered people of her homeland.


Indiana Republican Victoria Spartz (pictured), the first Ukrainian-born member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the first congressional member born in what was a Soviet Socialist Republic, recently made an emotional plea for the U.S. to do more to stop Russia's brutal invasion of her homeland, where she still has friends and family, including a 95-year-old grandmother.

"So many people die for our freedoms, so let's value and cherish them," Spartz said. "I'm very happy to see that this institution when times are tough, when we have to get together, we can get together … and show our adversaries and enemies we will stand together -- And not just stand together; we'll also lead the world."

She recently assured Fox News that Ukraine's situation is desperate.

"This humanitarian crisis is going to reach a level never seen before," she predicts.

"Great Britain, Poland, and a lot of European countries have been taking a lot of leadership," she continued. "I really want to thank them. They've been great allies for us."

Spartz added, though, that every country has to fight for their own freedoms.

"We need to really beef up the flanks of our Eastern European allies and really send a message that we are going to be protecting our NATO allies, and we're serious about that," she said.

Spartz is also urging the U.S. to help Ukrainians defend their homeland by sending lethal aid.