Prediction: Democrats won't budge on immigration issue

Prediction: Democrats won't budge on immigration issue

Prediction: Democrats won't budge on immigration issue

An immigration watchdog predicts Democrats will refuse to retreat from their wildly unpopular stance on illegal immigration and the porous southern border, and they will do so partly because of their unhinged hatred of Donald Trump.

Thanks to issues such as inflation, gas prices, and the disastrous and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal, poll numbers for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have plummeted. Illegal immigration is another issue, too, and Americans have witnessed the get-tough polices of Donald Trump get tossed aside and now record numbers of illegal aliens are swarming into the U.S. and being allowed to remain.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, tells American Family News that Democrats are unwilling to moderate their radical immigration stances despite Election Day now 10 months away.

"Only if the Democrats get annihilated in November, and the party apparatus concludes that immigration was a big part of the reason for that debacle, that they are almost guaranteed to face in November," Krikorian explains, "that's going to take some real political disasters for them --- election losses across the board --- before they actually come to that conclusion." 

In past decades, including the deportations under Barack Obama, Democrats have not always taken such an obvious globalist view on illegal immigration and border security. That stark difference from years past was demonstrated in recent days when a 2010 Twitter post by a Kamala Harris aide, Jamal Simmons, came to light. In that old tweet, Simmons observed that two  “undocumented” people, including an activist, had appeared in a segment on MSNBC.

“Can someone explain,” Simmons wrote, “why ICE is not picking them up?”

Krikorian, Mark (Ctr. for Immigration Studies) Krikorian

Now that Simmons is the new communications director for Harris, he is groveling for forgiveness over a social media post that many Americans would likely agree with but one his far-left party considers racist and xenophobic. In an apology, Simmons wrote he is sorry for “offending those who care as much as I do about making America the best multi-ethnic, diverse democracy it can be.”

Democrats already stand accused of favoring illegal aliens over U.S. citizens but Krikorian says the Far Left is also obsessed with reversing the policies of Donald Trump.

“Trump made immigration control one of his marquee issues, arguably the most important thing that propelled him to the White House,” Krikorian explains. “And anything Trump did by definition is bad from the Democratic perspective.”

Biden, in fact, reversed Trump's immigration polices on his first day in office.