Order for troops to take vax labeled a 'purge'

Order for troops to take vax labeled a 'purge'

Order for troops to take vax labeled a 'purge'

A conservative pro-family group is voicing strong opposition to President Joe Biden's military vaccine mandate, describing it as a deliberate "purge of conservatives" in the ranks.

The deadline was November 2 for those in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force to be vaccinated. According to a Washington Post report late last month, upwards of 12,000 Air Force personnel had rejected the Pentagon mandate and could face dismissal and/or military charges. Navy and Marine Corp members have until November 28; Army soldiers have until December 15.

American Family Association, a ministry based in Tupelo, Mississippi, has joined the growing chorus of concerned organizations that believe Biden's inoculation edict will severely discipline members of the military who choose not to take the shot – including drumming them out of active and reserve duty altogether … and ultimately leading to a serious readiness problem.

Walker Wildmon, AFA's vice president of operations, disagrees with the administration dangling the threat of a negative military discharge to get personnel to comply.

Wildmon, Walker (AFA VP operations) Wildmon

"Military members and those who serve our country honorably should not be forced to participate in an experimental shot," says Wildmon. "Our position [at AFA] is that these members who serve our military, protect the homeland, and protect American families should not be forced to inject this substance into their bodies as a condition of service."

The AFA spokesman also emphasizes that giving a less than honorable discharge for those who don't comply is not acceptable. "Members of the military should not be put in a position to be dishonorably discharged or bow to King Biden," he states.

While the Biden administration has argued it's an issue of public health, Wildmon sees something more sinister at work.

"This is about purging the U.S. military – and purging the entire federal government apparatus – of anyone who does not do anything and everything that the president says," he tells AFN. "They're purging conservatives from the ranks."

In an Action Alert to its supporters, AFA has called on concerned citizens to contact President Biden and members of Congress, urging them to bring an immediate halt to what the group describes as a "socialistic vaccine mandate" before any more damage results.

A Pentagon spokesman told the Post in October that nearly 87% of active-duty troops are fully vaccinated – but that the percentage for the entire force drops to 68% when military reservists and National Guard members are included.

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