Prediction: Marine officer who spoke up faces harsh punishment

Prediction: Marine officer who spoke up faces harsh punishment

The U.S. Marine officer who denounced America's disastrous exit from Afghanistan, where 13 U.S. servicemembers were killed, made a career-ending decision to speak out.

Prediction: Marine officer who spoke up faces harsh punishment

A national defense analyst says the U.S. Marine officer who risked his career to denounce the bungled exit in Afghanistan, where 13 servicemembers were killed, will likely be booted from the service.

On Tuesday, Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller was released from the brig at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, where he had been sent six days earlier after he refused an order to stop posting his views on social media.

Bob Maginnis of the Family Research Council says Scheller's military career is over and now the only question is what fate awaits him in coming weeks.

“I think the best he could hope for is an administrative discharge,” Maginnis says. “He continued to publish a social media statement after he was given a direct order not to.”

Maginnis, who is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, says a court martial is likely coming for the Marine officer but a plea bargain is also possible. 

Maginnis, Robert (FRC) Maginnis

The lieutenant colonel’s parents told Fox News their son has had an “exemplary career” in the U.S. Marines over 17 years, and was three years from being eligible to retire, when he spoke out about Afghanistan. 

"He knew that everyone else felt the same way. He thought if he took the lead, others would stand up and call for accountability,” she said. “They did not. So he is taking the full brunt himself."

Lt. Col. Scheller is the victim of another far-left administration that views the U.S. armed forces as a “petri dish” to test and experiment far-left ideas, Maginnis says.