Pentagon's sudden surrender to wokeness documented in 'Disloyal'

Pentagon's sudden surrender to wokeness documented in 'Disloyal'

A newly-published booklet documents the Pentagon's embrace of far-left wokeness, which the author warns really means embracing Marxist tenets to earn accolades and promotion. 

Pentagon's sudden surrender to wokeness documented in 'Disloyal'

It is nothing new for radical Leftists to use everything from a classroom to Congress to pursue their policies, but a journalist-author says America is open to attack by our enemies, and to a blistering defeat, if our “woke” military is not changed before the missiles start flying.

Daniel Greenfield, an investigative journalist at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, has been following the Pentagon during the new Biden administration and collected enough troubling and eye-opening examples to fill a book or, technically, a booklet. One example is the Joint Chiefs chairman recently telling Congress he wants to understand “white rage” to better understand himself, a hint the Pentagon is buying the race-based claims of Critical Race Theory despite denials of that during the Pentagon's recent “stand down" order.

Greenfield collected so many examples, in just six months of the new administration, that Freedom Center collected them all in a free booklet, “Disloyal: How the Military Brass is Betraying our Country.”

According to Greenfield, the problem did not begin with Biden but with military leaders who put careers before country.

“Even before Biden came into office, they began this under President Trump,” he tells American Family News, “because they were kowtowing to the power structure and the cultural power of the Left, which is all they care about.”

Among other examples, Chief of Naval Operations Michael Gilday recently urged Navy officers to discuss “systemic racism” and “implicit bias,” which are more code words recognized as tenets of CRT.

On page 41 of the 76-page booklet, Greenfield recalls that Chief Gilday was grilled at a U.S. House hearing by Rep. Jim Banks, a Navy reservist, over the Navy praising far-left professor Ibram Kendi and his wildly racist statements about white people.

Gilday called quotes cited by Rep. Banks “cherry-picked” statements from Kendi and denied the congressman’s accusations.  

“What this is really about is trying to paint the United States military, and in this case the United States Navy as weak, as woke,” Gilday responded to Rep. Banks. “We are not weak.”

The only problem with Gilday’s assurance of a well-prepared Navy is that has been in doubt for years: In wargame scenarios against China, the U.S. Navy suffers terrible losses of sailors and ships when the U.S. reacts to China’s invasion of Taiwan, news outlets have reported. 

In July, a scathing report of the U.S. Navy prepared by a retired Marine general and a retired Navy rear admiral summarized what Congress suspected: the Navy is focusing on “diversity” and not winning a war.

The two military leaders interviewed more than 70 Navy officers, current and retired, to gauge their views about the surface fleet. Warfighting capabilities are not a priority, they were repeatedly told. 

“I guarantee you every unit in the Navy is up to speed on their diversity training,” an officer said. “I'm sorry that I can't say the same of their ship handling training.”

“Sometimes I think we care more about whether we have enough diversity officers than if we'll survive a fight with the Chinese navy. It’s criminal,” an active-duty Navy lieutenant, who is black, told the report. “They think my only value is as a black woman. But you cut our ship open with a missile and we'll all bleed the same color.”

With such warnings coming from sailors, Chief Gilday’s denials rang hollow for lawmakers such as Banks, who was among the four congressional lawmakers who requested the report.

Generations of parents have learned the cancer of Marxism exists on college campuses, where radical professors have shaped young minds for decades, but Greenfield warns those “obscene ideologies” can be found in a military classroom, too, at West Point and at the U.S. Naval Academy.

"If you want to get ahead of any institution now, including the military," he advises, "you have to echo the Left's agenda, which is incredibly Marxist." 

America is being influenced right now by a Marxist ideology in schools and in corporate cubicles, Greenfield summarizes, but what is much worse for our individual freedom, and for our country’s survival, is if those in a military uniform reject their oath and embrace Marxism if it means a promotion.