Senate situation is 'unacceptable'

Senate situation is 'unacceptable'

Senate situation is 'unacceptable'

An advocate for America's fighting men and women says lawmakers need to stop allowing the Biden administration to put "all the wrong people in the right places to do the wrong things."

The U.S. Senate has confirmed two Biden appointees to top military positions in the Pentagon. Gina Ortiz Jones, an open lesbian, will serve as the undersecretary of the Air Force, and Shawn Skelly, a man who thinks he is a woman, will be the assistant secretary of defense for readiness.

"There have been many appointments made not just in the Department of Defense, but across the government by this administration," says Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR). "They are put there to push a social agenda that is contrary to the best interests of the United States. This administration, having such a radical mindset, they are putting all the wrong people in the right places to do the wrong things."

Donnelly is disturbed that these latest appointments were approved with unanimous consent in the Senate.

"The Republicans have got to step up their game," she says. "They have to fight harder. They have to know what they're talking about. They have to be prepared. And if they lose on votes, then the voters need to know that so that problems can be fixed in the next election and the election after that."

But right now Donnelly calls the situation "simply unacceptable and very disturbing."