Rebuilding effort thwarted by another quake

Rebuilding effort thwarted by another quake

Rebuilding effort thwarted by another quake

A missions organization that's been serving the "least of these" in Asia and Africa since 1979 is responding to new and ongoing needs in Nepal.

An earthquake ravished the South Asian country in 2015. And earlier this month, Nepal was again struck by a destructive quake that killed more than 150 people and caused extensive damage.

"I was just there a couple of months ago in Kathmandu," Daniel Punnose of GFA World shares. "In the main city of Kathmandu, the capitol, they're still reconstructing buildings and rebuilding things and getting things built back up after the 2015 earthquake."

November 3rd's 6.4 quake has slowed down that effort and damaged other structures, including homes, which Punnose says is a special problem in mountainous areas.

"Unfortunately, many of these villages and these buildings in these very rural places, they're made with stones and mud and very, very simple construction," he explains. "So, you have a lot of damage."

GFA World is hurrying to provide the needed aid.

"November, December, [and] January is winter; it's going to get very, very cold," Punnose notes. "Basic shelter, food, water," and medical supplies are being transported.

Many of the mountain villages are difficult to reach, sometimes up to a three-day walk. So in the aftermath of this latest disaster, the ministry is asking fellow believers to join them in praying for comfort for the grieving, for healing for the injured, for protection from aftershocks, and for GFA workers as they provide relief.

Christianity is a minority religion in Nepal, but GFA World has planted around 500 churches in the area.