Counteracting culture

Counteracting culture

Counteracting culture

A new ministry has been started to equip young believers to engage the culture for Christ and be light in a dark world.

Abigail DeJarnatt, founder and CEO of Counteract USA, says the ministry aims to share the gospel by bringing biblical truth into cultural and political discussions.

DeJarnatt, Abigail (Counteract USA) DeJarnatt

"We're seeing so many children and young adults in our generation who make it to college, who make it to simple conversations in the workplace with friends with family, and they aren't prepared with how to actually speak to the key issues of our day," DeJarnatt recently told "Washington Watch."

Allie Paris, Counteract USA's chief operating officer, said the movement started with a group of four or five girls meeting in DeJarnatt's basement a couple of years ago. When it "kind of exploded" to almost 30 girls meeting weekly, it occurred to them that if people in their conservative state of Arkansas needed that, then people in other states surely needed it, too.

"People are hungry," Paris told show host Tony Perkins. "They're hungry for truth … and people are searching."

Paris, Allie (Counteract USA) Paris

DeJarnatt said she had other plans for her life, but a ministry seed was planted when the Lord opened her eyes to the fact that about half of her fellow K-12 Christian school classmates traded Christianity for the LGBTQ lifestyle or the party scene once they started college.

"Some said they rejected God entirely, couldn't believe that we even still believed in the God of the Bible, the God that we had served and worshipped our entire lives," DeJarnatt shared. "And I was left wondering, 'How were they so ill equipped?'"

The ministry establishes small groups of Christ followers to meet weekly and emboldens them to counteract ever-changing political and cultural ideologies with grace and truth, according to the steadfastness of Scripture.