Living in faith, not fear

Living in faith, not fear

Living in faith, not fear

A ministry that works in Haiti says despite the dangers, missionaries there are carrying on.

For more than two years, gangs have been robbing, kidnapping, and killing people in the Caribbean country. Recently, for example, American nurse Alix Dorsainvil and her daughter were freed nearly two weeks after they were kidnapped in Haiti's capital.

That release came on the heels of a two-hour march earlier this week, when "several thousand people" marched through the city demanding protection from the violent gangs.

Allen Speer of Agape Flights tells American Family News gangs control most of Port-au-Prince, and nearby Cite Soleil is gang infested and extremely dangerous.

"You really have no security, no safety, no control of governments," he explains. "It is, to say the least, a very chaotic situation all over the country, but especially in the capital city of Port-au-Prince."

Agape Flights flies in relief supplies for the Haitians during disasters and emergencies, and it provides mail and personalized cargo services to the missionaries there.

Speer, Allen (Agape Flights) Speer

"They are not being deterred," Speer asserts. "They're going to continue on. They see this as a great opportunity and a challenge for them to just do the work that God's called them to do. The majority of the missionaries that I've spoken to, and I speak to them on a daily basis, are living in faith, not in fear."

The Agape Flights pilots who continue to fly into Haiti are doing likewise, expecting the unexpected as they fulfill their mission.

Speer is asking fellow believers to keep Haiti in their prayers, including the missionaries and organizations that are helping people there and are determined to continue winning them to Christ.