Specific prayers for gang-ridden Haiti

Specific prayers for gang-ridden Haiti

Specific prayers for gang-ridden Haiti

A pastor who serves God's missionaries says an international awakening is needed to bring Haiti under control again.

Agape Flights CEO Allen Speer says the ministry's partners need supplies to keep reaching out to the people of Haiti, but that has become increasingly difficult.

Speer, Allen (Agape Flights) Speer

"The gangs have taken over, and 80% of Haiti now is under gang rule," he tells AFN. "We've had many, many missionaries and, in fact, many missions organizations have left Haiti. We've had many colleagues and many aviation ministries like [Mission Aviation Fellowship] have had to leave Port-au-Prince because it just was not safe."

He says the atrocities taking place there are the main reason.

"There are women and children that are being beheaded," Speer reports. "There are people that are being burned alive. There are people that are being stoned. The silence, though, around the globe is deafening."

The United States, he laments, contributes to that silence.

Additionally, inflation in Haiti hovers around 50%, and when fuel is available on the black market, it often tops $10 a gallon.

"It's been so long since citizens last voted that there are now no elected government officials in place," Speer notes in a recent letter to his ministry's supporters.

Meanwhile, Agape Flights continues to fly supplies into Haiti at least once every week to keep the pipeline going to the missionaries who remain there. Speer believes his ministry is needed now more than ever.

He is asking for believers to pray that for a movement of God that will turn hearts toward him in unity, that the missionaries who remain in Haiti would be safe and have the resources they need to serve the people there, and that godly leaders will emerge to lead Haiti's citizens forward in peace.