God's got Congo in his hands

God's got Congo in his hands

God's got Congo in his hands

There's a revival springing up in Congo, where the evangelical church is growing despite – or maybe because of – severe persecution.

Although the Democratic Republic of Congo is largely Roman Catholic, The Christian Post reports that Catholics there are flocking to evangelical churches. Bert Harper of "Exploring Missions" on American Family Radio says there they are seeing miracles of healing, hearing clear words from God, and finding strength to endure intense persecution.

"They came because of truth, miracles, and faith," he relays. "They have that in proper order."

Harper, Bert Harper

Congo is one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a Christian. Last month alone, 17 believers lost their lives and dozens were injured when militia groups attacked an evangelical church in Kasindi. But that church is one of at least 30,000 so-called "churches of awakening" in the African country.

"Hearing what I'm hearing from the Congo, and what I've just read, I really do believe the hurt and the pain is causing them to go for truth and for help," Harper submits.

He says the Church in America can be myopic when it comes to how God is moving in the world – thinking that as goes the American Church, so goes the work of God in the entire world.

"God has the whole world in his hands," says Harper. "The Bible says that he is going to and fro (2 Chronicles 16:9), looking for whom he may bless."