Eight Days returning to hard-hit Louisiana community

Eight Days returning to hard-hit Louisiana community

Eight Days returning to hard-hit Louisiana community

A disaster relief ministry is planning a trip to a hard-hit community in Louisiana, where the plan is to repair and restore more than 100 homes so struggling families can be in them during the Christmas season.

Eight Days of Hope has announced it is welcoming its small army of volunteers to go to work in Lake Charles, Louisiana, December 3-10.

The mission work is the second trip there for Eight Days, which is returning to a community that has now suffered from three hurricanes, an ice storm, and record flooding since 2020.

Steve Tybor, founder of Eight Days of Hope, saysthe goal is to help 150 families finish rebuilding their homes during seven days of work.

“This is the time for the Church to shine,” he tells AFN. “This is the time to encourage your saints to leave the comforts of your home and to go make a difference in His name.”

The rebuilding projects need skilled laborers, such as carpenters and roofers, but Eight Days has created a mission ministry in which every abled-bodied person who volunteers can be put to work.  

“Everything from making sandwiches, to cleaning the laundry trailer, to carrying the shingles on the roof for our roofers, to nailing the shingles,” he advises. “There is something for everybody.”

Tybor, Steve (Eight Days of Hope) Tybor

The upcoming Lake Charles mission work marks the 18th major rebuilding trip for the ministry, which began when Tybor and other friends helped on the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina struck.

Tybor and Eight Days have since expanded their disaster relief ministry to respond to hurting neighbors from one of three main facilities located in the Deep South, the Midwest, and the North East.

Eight Days is also partnering with faith-based organizations that house and counsel adults and children rescued from sex trafficking.

A safe house for children is now being constructed in Ohio, a $5.5 million project, and Eight Days is seeking skilled labor to help get it completed.