Write a letter -- Make a difference

Write a letter -- Make a difference

Write a letter -- Make a difference

A multi-platform ministry is again urging Christians to be an encouragement to their brothers and sisters who are "far from the comforts of home" and during a time when isolation can be a great burden.

Engage Magazine began the Orange Letter Campaign shortly after February 15, 2015, when ISIS released a video of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in orange jumpsuits being martyred on a beach in Libya. Since that time, the Orange Letter Campaign has distributed letters to Christians in Syria and North Korea and to missionaries throughout the world.

"This year we are once again partnering with Global Outreach International," says Cedra Sartin of Engage. "They have around 300 missionaries all over the world, and we will send them letters of encouragement and prayer at this time when they are separated from their families at Christmas."

She says it means a lot to the recipients to know they are in someone's thoughts and prayers.

"It gives them a little piece of home," says Sartin. "Because of limited travel, because of COVID, they're not able to go home, or maybe they came back and are not able to get back to the mission field. And so it just lets them know that they are not alone."

The campaign begins today, October 25th, and runs through November 5th. Anyone who wants to submit a letter may do so by clicking the "Send Your Letter" link at the top of the Engage Magazine webpage. A commemorative t-shirt is also available. Sartin calls it "a great way to show your support of missionaries and persecuted Christians."

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