Innovative tablet expands Bible access to the challenged globally

Innovative tablet expands Bible access to the challenged globally

Group listening to a MegaVoice audio Bible

Innovative tablet expands Bible access to the challenged globally

The release of a new one-of-a-kind tablet device, the Envision Bible, was engineered so that anyone – especially the deaf, the hearing impaired and visual learners – can fully experience God’s Word anywhere on the planet.

MegaVoice – the pioneer of solar-powered audio Bibles – announced its intuitive cutting-edge touchscreen tablet that has a durable shock-resistance exterior that is designed for ultimate security, accessibility and ease of navigation using an interface that is icon-based.

This new technology is geared to equip Christian organizations and churches with the ability to expand and enhance their global ministries and missions programs so that all needs are met.

It is specifically geared for those living in remote areas around the world that do not have access to electric outlets, using an internal Li-Ion battery that can be charged using solar panels, a computer, a power supply or an external power bank through a micro-USB cable.

MegaVoice CEO Charles Cibene believes the new tablet will help fulfill the Great Commission by reaching those who were previously unreachable … with a Bible that comes to life.

"We were excited to release the Envision because it has so many wonderful implications for people in remote regions – especially those who are unreached," Cibene expressed in a press release. "Most importantly, it reaches another subset of individuals who need to experience the Bible regularly – those who are deaf or hearing impaired.”

Reading, watching and hearing God’s Word

With its Scripture-based audio content being available in thousands of languages, video content can also be loaded onto the Envision, including The ASL Bible (American Sign Language), Lumo Project Gospel Films and The Jesus Film, and the audio quality for these is said to be state-of-the art with two high-volume output internal speakers and an audio jack for earphones or an external speaker for individual or group experiences.

“Being able to experience Scripture in an audiovisual way can be incredibly impactful for these individuals, as well as visual learners,” Cibene added. “We believe this device really rounds out our catalog, and it's got the same security, durability, and solar-powered capacity that our partner ministries have come to expect from our products."

The Envision Bible was featured in a special press conference at the 2021 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Christian media convention, when MegaVoice shared how its new high-tech Bible will accelerate worldwide access to Scripture and meet the latest trends in global missions.

Photo compliments of MegaVoice