Welcome to the warped world of 'gender-affirming care'

Welcome to the warped world of 'gender-affirming care'

Welcome to the warped world of 'gender-affirming care'

A journalist with a conservative news outlet attributes the lack of media coverage about individuals who regret having gone through "gender transition" to a simple factor: the establishment media isn't interested in giving a voice to de-transitioners.

Mary Margaret Olohan is a senior reporter for the Daily Signal. She's also the author of the new book "Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult." Talking about the issue on American Family Radio last week, Olohan explained it has largely been up to conversative media so far to tell the stories of those who regret going through "gender-manipulation" procedures.

"[Many of] these people are … young people who don't really have political affiliations," she noted. "They wouldn't really describe themselves as Republican or Democrat, and they're slowly realizing that some of their only allies are in conservative media. So, we're very grateful to them for trusting us with their stories."

Olohan, Mary Margaret Olohan

According to Olohan, it's not just people on the right who are concerned about and opposed to transgender policies that, for example, allow boys in girls' locker rooms. She contends some left-leaning people also don't support that idea.

"They don't support allowing kids to get transition surgeries, hormones, and puberty blockers," she offered. "… These kind of very far-left ideas that are being pushed on them and our kids are drawing a lot more Americans … to the right because they just don't appreciate these types of radical things being pushed on them."

Several states are challenging the Biden administration's changes to Title IX to allow for males in female bathrooms, locker rooms, and sporting events. Meanwhile, several states have taken steps to ban gender-manipulation procedures of minors, one argument being that children with gender dysphoria grow out of it. Another stated reason is that children and families are pushed into "gender-affirming care" by medical professionals and special-interest groups.

A 'twisting' of common teenage insecurities

On a recent podcast, nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck exposed what he calls "Frankenstein-like experiments" on minors and the mentally ill, all done with the support of the medical community in the name of science.

Beck, Glenn Beck

"It's important to point out that 'gender-affirming care' is considered necessary, life-saving medical care by every major medical and mental health organization in the United States, which represents nearly two-million doctors in this country," Beck states during the introduction of that podcast.

Beck, co-founder of Blaze Media, discussed what's called The WPATH Files, written by Mia Hughes, which details leaked documents exposing the world of alleged "gender-affirming care." He called it some of the most disturbing material he has ever exposed.

The podcast host talked with many de-transitioners about their journey and experiences, one of whom was Luka Hein, a biological female who realized she'd been lied to when she was 20 years old. She recalled a "twisting of the most … basic and common teenage insecurities and the uncomfortableness of puberty into something bigger, into something that needed to be medicalized and escaped from."

Harmeet Dhillon, founder and CEO of the Center for American Liberty, told Beck that she usually tries to discourage clients from suing because there are better methods to resolve disputes – in this case, because the medical industry is profiting greatly from such "care" and because a huge ideological bias already exists, starting in the medical schools.

"I think the only way to stop them is to make it unsafe for them to do it and make it unsafe for insurers to insure it and hold them accountable financially …. I think that will stop them in their tracks," said the attorney.