'Anti-trans' is really pro-women

'Anti-trans' is really pro-women

'Anti-trans' is really pro-women

A regent in Nevada is facing calls to resign for speaking the truth about so-called transgender athletes.

At a recent Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board meeting regarding sports at the state's colleges and universities, Patrick Boylan, who sits on the NSHE's Board of Regents, was criticized by a student for asking, "Do we have any men masquerading as women playing in any of our teams and hurting any of the women?"

Boylan's response was caught on video and reported by KNTV in Las Vegas:

Boylan, Patrick (NSHE Board of Regents) Boylan

"It doesn't matter what race, sex, anything you are; there's something known as the First Amendment, and it's the freedom of speech," he began. "I see it as a man masquerading as a woman. That's the way I see it; that's the way I'll say it. So, if any of you think like the regents and those students, that that will shut me up or keep me from saying things again, no, it won't. I'll speak the truth as I see the truth."

He has reportedly received significant support from those who are "tired of all of this woke nonsense."

Arthur Schaper, field director with MassResistance, is "so proud" of Boylan and calls his actions admirable.

"Nevada's a unique state because it's been trending more and more liberal, but to see a statewide regent in the education system take a firm stance," he comments. "There's no such thing as trans. You have confused men who are invading women's sports so they can foster and promote their delusion."

Schaper, Arthur (MassResistance) Schaper

Pointing out that girls are getting hurt while having to compete against male athletes, Schaper makes mention of the response from Brian Sandoval, the current president of the University of Nevada, Reno. He called Boylan's words "extremely insensitive and hurtful" toward "members of "our trans and gender-diverse community."

"He's a former governor; he was a very liberal governor," Schaper recalls. "I think that his press release is absolutely offensive."

While he commends Boylan for taking a stand and for refusing to resign for, in the Nevada Faculty Alliance's words, "directly attack[ing] thousands of members of the NSHE community," Schaper submits that women have to speak up for themselves.