Narrative continues: COVID bad, vaccines good, adverse reactions no big deal

Narrative continues: COVID bad, vaccines good, adverse reactions no big deal

Narrative continues: COVID bad, vaccines good, adverse reactions no big deal

A general practitioner in rural Mississippi isn't surprised that a medical journal is downplaying the known dangers of COVID vaccines.

A group of researchers skeptical of the efficacy and safety of the COVID vaccines recently published a peer-reviewed study that found that adverse effects from the shots -- up to and including death -- were far more common than what has been reported.

Dr. John Witcher, one of the founders of the Mississippi Against Mandates group, says just a month after it was published, the journal retracted it and gave a long list of problems that the reviewers had apparently overlooked.

Witcher, Dr. John (MS Against Mandates) Witcher

"All the things that we know, we have plenty of evidence, starting with injuries and deaths -- they deny that," Dr. Witcher states. "They deny that there's DNA particles. We believe that's probably what's causing all this turbo cancer we're seeing."

Even so, a different study conducted by researchers from the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) in New Zealand was published in the journal Vaccine last week.

It analyzed 99 million people who received the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccinations across eight countries. They monitored for increases in 13 different medical conditions in the period after people received a COVID vaccine and found links to a "slight increase" in neurological, blood, and heart-related medical conditions.

"They're basically saying the vaccines, the efficacy and the safety outweigh the risk," Dr. Witcher summarizes. "They're saying that there's such small numbers of adverse effects."

"The safety signals identified in this study should be evaluated in the context of their rarity, severity, and clinical relevance," the researchers wrote.

But Witcher and his fellow researchers are sticking to their guns.

"There are definitely people being injured and have died from the COVID shots," the doctor asserts. "There's no doubt about it."

He says Big Pharma is hiding the numbers and insisting that the vaccines help, when there is really no need to fool with them at all.

"There are treatments for COVID that we know work," Dr. Witcher concludes. "If people get these treatments early, they do fine."

The Hill notes that several of the GVDN researchers reported having relationships or having previously received payments from biopharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer.