New source promises medical facts, not ideology, about gender

New source promises medical facts, not ideology, about gender

New source promises medical facts, not ideology, about gender

Frustrated parents who are trying to help confused children understand gender have a new source thanks to a medical association that has resisted the transgender craze.

The American College of Pediatricians is working to help fill that void with the new Biological Integrity Initiative. It allows users to search for science-based answers from trained medical professionals to help children more clearly understand what chemical and surgical transitions can mean to their bodies.

Van Meter, Dr. Quinten (American College of Pediatricians) Van Meter

“It's designed for everybody who has skin in the game," Dr. Quentin Van Meter, former president of the American College of Pediatricians, said on Washington Watch Monday. "For parents who have kids with gender dysphoria, who are trying to decide what they would like to do or where they should go for help."

The medical help is not about being "negative," he went on to say, but about the "positive nature" of human beings helping each other. 

The Frequently Asked Questions section offers detailed responses to many common concerns.

“We thought ahead of what we would often hear form patients,” Van Meter told show host Tony Perkins. “We put those together for the kids, for the parents, for physicians that are treating them, for school officials who are dealing with this in their school environment with the kids, also for legislators. "

The ACP felt led, Van Meter said, to do something to help parents and children with their “curiosity” with gender topics.

He said children are being “essentially railroaded into a system of conveyor belt social, then medical, then surgical transition.”

Often parents themselves are unsure about the best path when faced with a child’s gender dysphoria, and stories have surfaced that medical professionals are pushing life-changing treatments and surgeries without presenting all available information to families.

Chloe Cole, a 19-year-old Californian woman, has “detransitioned” and become a national spokesperson against gender-manipulation procedures. She when she questioned her biological sex, medical professionals offered her parents no choices other than gender transition.

Chloe Cole Cole

“They were told that blood was going to be on their hands, that they were eight going to have a dead daughter or a living transgender son,” Cole has said.

Van Meter said nearly 100 percent of children who begin gender-manipulation therapies will see them through to completion.

“They destroy so much of what the body was intended to be," he warned, "and cannot really ever create what the intention of the individual is – to become the opposite sex.”

People who visit the Biological Integrity Initiative at ACP website will quickly find that information provided is grounded in science, “not ideology,” Van Meter said.