CDC: Put another experimental vaccine booster in your child's body ASAP

CDC: Put another experimental vaccine booster in your child's body ASAP

CDC: Put another experimental vaccine booster in your child's body ASAP

Some health experts say the public is headed into another winter bout with COVID, which means the CDC is pushing vaccines once again, but this time even babies are included in the newest push.

Pfizer and Moderna had new COVID vaccines ready for last week when the Centers for Disease Control urged Americans to start lining up for a second or third – or more – jab in the arm, including young children.

"Everyone aged 5 years and older should get 1 dose of the updated Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to protect against serious illness from COVID-19," states the CDC website. 

Farther down on the same website, the CDC states,  "Children aged 6 months-4 years need multiple doses of COVID-19 vaccines to be up to date, including at least 1 dose of updated COVID-19 vaccine."

What is commonly called the COVID-19 vaccine isn't really a traditional vaccine at all, says molecular biologist Dr. Christina Parks, but more like a cocktail that produces a “spike protein” that finds its way into the body's DNA.

“And we're going to put it in infants that are six months old? It's crazy,” she tells AFN.

Spike proteins are known by scientists because they enter a person’s healthy cells by binding to the cell’s receptors. The flu virus, for example, has two spike proteins. The spike protein found in coronaviruses is known as the S protein.

During the pandemic, Parks recalls when she and other vaccine skeptics learned the supposed cure for the China virus was experimental gene therapy.

“I immediately recognized it,” she says of that realization. “So it didn't matter how many times the mainstream media said no it's not gene therapy, no it's not going to integrate into your DNA.”

A study published in August in the journal Proteomics Clinical Applications finds the spike protein from the COVID shot can still be found throughout the body at least six months after the injection.

As if the vaccine isn't controversial enough, Dr. Parks says more research shows the supposed vaccine is not just ineffective but that every “booster” increases your chance of catching the virus itself. Such a claim will be dismissed as “misinformation” by many but consider the first-hand account of Harold Ford, Jr., the former Tennessee congressman.

In a recent Fox News segment on “The Five,” Ford said he would be getting yet another COVID booster.

“How many? What’s the total?” asked co-host Jesse Watters.

“This will be my seventh,” Ford replied.

Parks, Dr. Christina Parks

The former congressman was not done, however. “And I have COVID three times!” he added.

Parks says the CDC and prevailing medical journals refuse to acknowledge the potential danger of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I have to believe that the monetary incentive has made people blind to the things that are wrong with this technology,” she concludes.