Ivermectin cover-up – another chapter in the injection deception, say docs

Ivermectin cover-up – another chapter in the injection deception, say docs

Ivermectin cover-up – another chapter in the injection deception, say docs

The FDA, medical associations, Big Pharma, and the government conspired to hide the fact that ivermectin was an effective treatment for COVID, according to two physicians who have been outspoken in their opposition to the "vaccines."

The Food and Drug Administration made a stunning admission in a courtroom this month. Doctors, it said, "do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID" – which will come as a surprise to Dr. John Witcher, who was released from his contract last year for taking three of his hospitalized COVID patients off remdesivir and prescribing ivermectin instead

Witcher, Dr. John (MS Against Mandates) Witcher

"My bosses told me not to come back the next day," the rural Mississippi general practitioner tells AFN. "They cut me off the computer. I did see enough there where they put a note in there that said they're much better now that they're on remdesivir." He had served as an independent physician at Baptist Memorial Hospital in the Yazoo area.

For the entire pandemic, ivermectin was vilified by most of the medical community, research on the drug was hidden, social media accounts were cancelled, and proponents were mocked for promoting a "horse dewormer." (Editor's note: The link above goes to an FDA webpage titled "Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.")

Witcher contends physicians were pressured into toeing the anti-ivermectin line. Now he says they're in too deep to get out. "If they admit wrong now, then they're all in trouble, so they're doubling down – tripling down," he adds.

McCullough, Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Peter McCullough is chief scientific officer for The Wellness Company. He explains that if an already available medication is effective at treating a disease or condition, drug companies cannot get an "emergency use authorization" for another drug – and vaccines, not to mention the billions of dollars generated for the manufacturers, are out the window, notes McCullough.

"Because of this deception, untold numbers of Americans became progressively ill, were hospitalized – and some died with COVID-19," he adds.

But it was also about control, says McCullough. He contends an authoritarian government wanted to see how far it could push mandates and lockdowns – and it didn't care who it hurt. "I think it was intentional to promote fear, suffering, hospitalization, and death in order to drive the mass vaccination agenda," he concludes.