Kids can go through the 'wrong' puberty?

Kids can go through the 'wrong' puberty?

Kids can go through the 'wrong' puberty?

A longtime pediatrician doesn't think she's the only one who can see that the U.S. assistant secretary for health is no expert on children's health.

"Adolescence is hard, and puberty is hard. What if you're going through the wrong puberty? What if you inside feel that you are female, but now you're going through a male puberty?" Dr. Richard Levine, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services official who poses as a woman named "Rachel," recently said in the first installment of the ABC "Nightline" series, "Identity Denied: Trans in America."

The Biden administration official went on to assert that "gender-affirming care is medical care. Gender-affirming care is mental healthcare. Gender-affirming care is literally suicide prevention care."

Dr. Michelle Cretella of Advocates Protecting Children, however, calls his advocacy "irresponsible."

"Dr. Levine is among an increasing number of activist pediatricians trying to brainwash people into believing that it's possible for a physically healthy child to go through the wrong puberty," Dr. Cretella tells AFN.

Cretella, Dr. Michelle Cretella

But knowing that an increasing number of suffering patients are filing lawsuits against the doctors and hospitals that facilitated their futile gender transitions, she remains hopeful that basic science and common sense will prevail.

"Schools, school superintendents, school boards -- listen up! You are going to be getting yours if you continue to do these secret, social transitioning maneuvers behind parents' backs," the pediatrician warns.

Dr. Levine made his remarks after being asked to respond to people who say children should wait until they are at least 18 years of age before undergoing sex-related interventions, yet even he did not begin his gender manipulation until he was 54 years old.