Your child may end up sterile but, hey, here's $400

Your child may end up sterile but, hey, here's $400

Your child may end up sterile but, hey, here's $400

A traditional values advocate is clearly upset the federal government is playing a role in enticing parents to allow their children to be guinea pigs for the transgender movement.

As reported by Daily Caller, the National Institutes of Health is funding a long-term study that would pay parents up to $400 to observe their trans children who are taking puberty blockers. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth finds it upsetting because in part it incentivizes parents to participate.

"What we're observing right now is the transgender cult. It's a weird revolution that is undermining morality and truth in America, but even worse: it's going after the kids. At the very least, couldn't they do these experiments on rats or mice or some animal rather than children?" he exclaims.

Parents who participate are being asked to sign a waiver carrying the following warning:

"If your child starts puberty blockers in the earliest stages of puberty, and then goes on to gender-affirming hormones, they will not develop sperm or eggs. This means that they will not be able to have biological children … This is an important aspect of blocking puberty and progressing to hormones that you should understand prior to moving forward with puberty suppression."

The group Parents Defending Education says it is "unconscionable" that Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – the facility conducting the study – would use children as "guinea pigs" and offer families "a paltry sum" for doing so.

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

LaBarbera emphasizes that parents need to stop being fooled into letting their children be guinea pigs – and into trying to do the impossible: change genders.

"The parents often go along because a lot of times they're being told you either have a trans kid or a dead kid – and that canard has to be deconstructed. It's not true," he tells AFN. "They're exaggerating the suicide rate, and they're using it to intimidate parents."

In LaBarbera's words, such exaggeration has become "another tactic of the trans lobby."