Prediction: Med schools will be rigid about accepting 'gender spectrum'

Prediction: Med schools will be rigid about accepting 'gender spectrum'

Prediction: Med schools will be rigid about accepting 'gender spectrum'

A pediatrician and vocal critic of our transgender-crazed culture says it is horrifying to watch prominent medical professionals ignore science and biology when they bow to an ideology that harms children, but she predicts the worst is yet to come.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, of Advocates Protecting Children, tells AFN she was not surprised to learn a medical school pediatrics professor is on video suggesting that young children – even toddlers – are exploring their genders and should be encouraged to do so.

“When we talk about younger children, we often use the term gender expansive,” states Dr. Lauren Roth, who proudly advocates for homosexual and transgender ideology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. “These children may not necessarily follow the social norms of gender."

However, a first-year medical student knows from high school biology that a child’s sex is based on hormones and chromosomes. So the “social norms of gender” are not being introduced by parents, which the professor claims, but by transgender activists such as Dr. Roth. She even blames colors such as pink and blue for influencing childhood behavior. Those colors put “expectations” on the newborn baby, she said.

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Elsewhere in the video, the med school professor calls it a “normal thing” to believe gender is on a “spectrum” beyond just male and female, which is where the term "non-binary" is used, she says. 

"Sometimes [gender] matches the chromosomes, or the genitals that they were born with, but sometimes it doesn't," the med school professor suggests. 

As for the future of medicine, Dr. Cretalla tells AFN med school students need to know their normal beliefs are up against a movement that has captured government, public schools, medical schools, and the pharmaceutical industry.

"Every single medical school professor, in any and every single medical school,” Cretella predicts, “they're all going to be teaching the gnostic pagan lie that some people are born trapped in the wrong body."