Texas hospital caught 'transitioning' grade-schoolers

Texas hospital caught 'transitioning' grade-schoolers

Texas hospital caught 'transitioning' grade-schoolers

A family leader agrees with calls for a children's hospital to answer questions about what it's doing to 8-year-olds.

The first segment of a recent investigative report by Project Veritas reveals that Dell Children's Medical Center in Austin, Texas is providing potentially illegal "gender transitions" to young children. A social worker identified as Nora Scott tells an undercover reporter that the center does "have patients who are starting" transgender interventions "as young as eight, nine."

"It's absolutely striking and extremely concerning to find out that a hospital in Texas is involved in these procedures to so-called transition kids as young as eight years old," responds Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values.

For "folks on the younger side," Scott says the medical center has "a list of gender-affirming therapists that we can provide."

"In regards to prescribing, that's up to the prescribers" discretion," she continues. "They might just require a couple of appointments just to see; it might be appropriate after one."

Saenz points out that so-called "gender-affirming" procedures are irreversible and harmful to children, setting them up for a lifetime of expensive medical costs.

Saenz, Jonathan (Texas Values) Saenz

"They have a political viewpoint on this, and if it means going through with these procedures, they're just going to fall right in line," Saenz says of proponents of such procedures. "This is part of the reason why we're working on stopping these things, because we don't really know a lot about it, and anything we do know suggests that it's harmful, it's concerning, and that it's become more about politics and less about anything related to keeping kids healthy."

Earlier this month, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R) and Congressman Chip Roy (R) sent a letter criticizing the practices and asking the hospital to answer questions about their work. Soon after, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launched an investigation to find out if the hospital unlawfully performed the procedures on minors.