Another agenda added to 'healthcare' offerings

Another agenda added to 'healthcare' offerings

Another agenda added to 'healthcare' offerings

A conservative interest group isn't surprised that the nation's largest abortion chain has found a new way to capitalize on hurting people.

Planned Parenthood, which gets about $1.9 billion from the federal government each year, has expanded its services to gender-confused folks, including puberty blockers and cross-gender hormones.

In its annual report released last month, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) announced that 41 of its 49 affiliates now carry out transgender hormone injections and/or distribute puberty blockers — an increase from the 30 affiliates that charged customers for such work in the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Walter, Tabitha (Eagle Forum) Walter

Tabitha Walter of Eagle Forum says she is not surprised, "because Planned Parenthood likes to capitalize on suffering people. We saw that with the abortion part of their business model. They capitalize on fears. They operate under the guise of helping people, but really, it hurts people in the long run."

She points out that undercover investigations by Live Action have revealed that Planned Parenthood offers abortions to minors without parental consent, which is illegal. Research by The Washington Stand suggests the same is happening with minors seeking "gender-affirming care."

"Planned Parenthood is so aggressive with their models where they like to force these things into schools and into families," Walter observes. "This isn't any type of healthcare; it's a way for them to make more money and to push a terrible agenda."

She says the federal government and/or each state needs to recognize the harm Planned Parenthood promotes and facilitates, and legislative action should be taken to protect minors.