Miss. Speaker: No regrets blocking children from adult choices

Miss. Speaker: No regrets blocking children from adult choices

Miss. Speaker: No regrets blocking children from adult choices

A newly-signed law in Mississippi bans life-altering hormones and transgender surgery on minors, and a political leader who helped it pass says state lawmakers ignored accusations and insults to protect confused children.

On Tuesday, Gov. Tate Reeves signed House Bill 1125 into law. It bans physicians from prescribing hormone therapy and puberty blockers to minors, and it blocks so-called “gender-affirming” surgical procedures on children in The Magnolia State.

The bill is known as the Regulate Experimental Adolescent Procedures (REAP) Act.

After the bill’s signing, House Speaker Philip Gunn told American Family Radio that passage of House Bill 1125 came with heavy opposition, including from fellow legislators, who said the bill infringes on personal and private rights.

“We do agree with that in principle but we're not talking about a grown adult here,” Gunn told the “Airing the Addisons” radio show. “We're talking about a child who is struggling with confusion with their body."

Gunn, Philip (R-MS) Gunn

Speaker's Gunn's reference to children “struggling” with their identity is controversial, too, since the mental confusion of a boy who feels like a girl, or a girl who feels like a boy, is ignored or downplayed by homosexual activists.

According to an NBC News article about the new Mississippi law, there is only one “transition-related” health care clinic in the state. That facility is called Spectrum: The Other Clinic, which prescribes body-altering hormones to patients 18 and older who are encouraged to “Live Your Truth!” and “Stand Proud!” 

There is no discussion of mental health or mental wellness on the website, even on its “FAQ” page, and new clients are told they can start hormone treatment immediately without approval of a physician.

“You do not need a referral. You do not need a mental health letter either,” the website states.

The recognition of mental confusion was recognized by the American Psychological Association as “gender identity disorder” until the APA, after years of pressure, changed it to “gender dysphoria” in 2012.

At the bill signing, Gov. Reeves said one side in the current debate is telling struggling children they can find happiness in their own bodies.

“The other tells them that they should take drugs, and cut themselves up with expensive surgeries, in order to find freedom from depression.” Reeves said. “I know which side I'm on.”

Gunn said he and other legislators who supported HB 1125 joined together and agreed they would ignore the critics and protect the health and welfare of innocent children.

“There will be opposition and there will probably be ugly articles written about you in the newspaper, and there will be people who take to the airwaves and criticize you,” Gunn said he told fellow lawmakers. “But you have to keep your eye on the ball here and realize what we're doing is for the benefit of these children who are our most valuable resource.”

On the Spectrum clinic website, adults are cautioned about the permanent effects of taking hormones. “Some effects, such as deepening of the voice or development of breast tissue, are permanent,” the website advises. “But many effects are not.”

By passage of House Bill 1125, the Mississippi legislature outlawed children from stepping inside Spectrum to start that same procedure.