Texas bills would force doctors to abide by 'do no harm'

Texas bills would force doctors to abide by 'do no harm'

Texas bills would force doctors to abide by 'do no harm'

Texas doctors who use their skills to mutilate mentally confused children could lose their medical license if bills in the state legislature become state law.

Two bills before the Texas House and Texas Senate would make it illegal for medical professionals to participate in the transgender-affirming practice that is often described as barbaric and dangerous, and which is making many hospitals lots of money. 

Jonathan Covey of Texas Values tells AFN lawmakers are taking action because there is no evidence life-changing hormones and body-altering surgeries improve a child who identifies as the opposite sex.

“There's a complete lack of evidence that it helps children overcome feelings of gender dysphoria, or confusion about their sex, and improve their mental health,” he tells AFN.

In fact, the vast majority of confused children grow out of it naturally by their late teens.

AFN has reported some of those young people have "de-transitioned" to their born sex and now blame the medical profession for urging them to make life-changing choices. 

Covey, Jonathan (Texas Values) Covey

Convey says Texas legislators are trying to send a message to physicians who violate their own duty to “do no harm” to those they are responsible for helping.

“There's an inherent tenacity about biology that refuses to conform to politicizing,” he tells AFN. “And that's what we're trying to do is make sure that children are protected, not politicized.”

There are penalties built into both of the bills. If medical professionals are caught in violation, they could lose their medical licenses and their malpractice insurance.