The pandemic's over, and 'manipulation' is next

The pandemic's over, and 'manipulation' is next

The pandemic's over, and 'manipulation' is next

A congressman who has an issue with the ongoing mask mandate for travelers using many forms of transportation is excited about the opportunity to make some changes.


President Biden may have told "60 Minutes" last September that "the pandemic is over," but his Department of Justice is still fighting to implement a nationwide mask mandate on airplanes and other forms of transportation.

Representative Doug LaMalfa (R-California) recently told the "Washington Watch" radio program that he is not fond of a mandate requiring people to wear a mask on airplanes and other forms of transportation.

"If you want to wear one, go ahead. And if you still have to wear one to go into the medical center and a lot of things like that, okay, fine," he said. "But the American people are pretty much over this."

LaMalfa went on to echo many people on the center-right who maintain that the focus on combating COVID-19 should now be on people with the highest risk of infection due to age or health issues.

LaMalfa, Doug (R-LA) LaMalfa

"Nobody wants this thing to spread and become a bigger problem, but I think a lot of manipulation has been done, and we're seeing government exert power … using COVID and then moving on to other things," the congressman observes. "The American people need to be very careful to not let their liberties go so easily because a bureaucrat somewhere is just slinging a pen saying, 'You gotta do this.'"

LaMalfa also shared that he looks forward to working with Republicans on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee to either block funding for such measures or "just make an example about how far-reaching this is."