Politics, profits are behind new FDA rule

Politics, profits are behind new FDA rule

Politics, profits are behind new FDA rule

A former Planned Parenthood clinic director who now works to save lives says what the federal government calls "progress" is actually "regression."

In issuing a new rule allowing neighborhood pharmacies to fill prescriptions for abortion drugs, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is making chemical abortions more available. Abby Johnson is not surprised.

Johnson, Abby Johnson

"Pharmaceutical companies are not companies that truly care about the lives of Americans by and large. They're about turning a profit," she asserts. "We know that the FDA is entirely political, and we've seen that play out time and time again, particularly with the abortion issue."

Johnson goes on to point out that representatives of pharmaceutical companies are often seated on FDA advisory panels.

"The pro-abortion lobby would say that that is progress. The Biden administration would say that that is progress," she tells AFN. "They would say that that is progress for women's health, but when you are killing women, that is not progress. That is regression."

So far, at least 28 women, including two with ectopic pregnancies, have died in America because of complications from their chemical abortions. Several thousand others have ended up in hospital emergency rooms with serious side effects from the pills that have proven to be four times more dangerous than surgical abortions.