Goal for new year: Fight 'frontal assault' on basic biology

Goal for new year: Fight 'frontal assault' on basic biology

Goal for new year: Fight 'frontal assault' on basic biology

Keeping up with made-up genders such as “omnigender” and silly pronouns such as “xe” can drive a woke person crazy, which is why a document from the American Psychological Association is getting noticed in light of regressive insanity about redefining male and female in today’s upside-down culture.

Way back in 2019, the APA issued guidelines that it said will help professionals improve the mental health of men and boys. The best way to help them, the medical association said, is by recognizing “traditional masculinity” is “harmful” to males who are under pressure to win and achieve, to prove they are not weak, and to seek adventure, risk, and violence, USA Today reported at the time.

Never mind that men and boys have been flexing muscles, fighting and wrestling, and chasing after adventures both good and bad since mankind existed.

In a culture that is deservedly mocked for failing to define a woman, the public is witnessing a professional group tip-toe through a mine field in which “misgendering” a man in a dress is described by woke apologists as a violent act, but a teenage boy can spike a teen girl in the face with a volleyball in the name of tolerance and diversity.  

The APC guidelines from three years ago mirrors that reality:

When trying to understand the complex role of masculinity in the lives of diverse boys and men, it is critical to acknowledge that gender is a non-binary construct that is distinct from, although interrelated to, sexual orientation.

Wildmon, Tim Wildmon

Attempting to unpack that statement for a radio audience, American Family Association president Tim Wildmon said people should be paying attention when a well-recognized organization is openly criticizing men and boys.  

“They have a lot of sway over people going into psychology and education and psychiatrists, and all those kinds of folks,” he told listeners to American Family Radio. “If they follow the lead of this group right here, then they are going to, it's going to be a frontal assault on masculinity.”

Jackson, Fred Jackson

On the radio program, AFN news director Fred Jackson said he suspects the deceptive-sounding term “equity” is being applied by the APA. That requires men and boys, he said, to lose and to fail more often in order for others to feel better about themselves. 

“The idea that there shouldn't be an effort to win a game. Everybody gets a trophy," Jackson said. "That whole mentality." 

“Otherwise," Wildmon said, "you're trying to dominate somebody else."

"Yes, and that's wrong," Jackson, referring to the woke argument, said.  

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