$100 billion later, guess outcome of COVID-19 study of harmed hearts

$100 billion later, guess outcome of COVID-19 study of harmed hearts

$100 billion later, guess outcome of COVID-19 study of harmed hearts

COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna have announced they are launching clinical trials to monitor the long-term side effects from their hastily-created and controversial shots.

Both pharmaceutical firms are conducting trials, in particular monitoring the heart condition myocarditis, because they are required to do so by the Food and Drug Administration as a condition for approving the Emergency Use Authorization vaccine.

Among the shot’s side effects, the national media reports myocarditis is the most common problem, especially in young men. New stories about the vaccine trials, such as a Nov. 12 NBC News story, downplay the risk as minimal or virtually non-existent. But even that vaccine-defending story begins with the scary account of a 22-year-old injured by the shot, Da’Vion Miller. He was diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis after he passed out one week after the first dose of Pfizer’s shot, the story admits. 

Brase, Twila (CCHF) Brase

Twila Brase, who leads Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, tells AFN it’s fair to ask if Big Pharma will conduct unbiased tests and produce unbiased results even if the evidence is worrisome.

“Because Pfizer and Moderna,” she says, “do not want to be found harming people.”

In her opinion, Brase adds, she suspects the emergency use vaccine will fail to undergo what she calls “rigorous trials” that should be done for a therapeutic drug involving messenger RNA technology. That  technology, also known as mRNA, had never been used in a human vaccine until it was injected in the arms of billions worldwide who feared catching and dying from the China-born virus. 

The public has since learned, quite belatedly, that a person’s first COVID-19 vaccine wears off after about six months and also learned The Jab does not prevent transmission of the airborne virus.

President Biden, who wanted to get 80 million Americans fired for refusing the COVID-19 shot, caught the virus in July despite being "double boosted." He received another shot, his third, last month. 

Brase says both pharmaceutical companies are embracing the Messenger RNA technology and want to use it in more vaccines. So why would they, she asks, “put a kibosh” on that business venture by documenting terrible side effects in the trials?

Pfizer's overall revenue was expected to surpass $100 billion at the end of 2022 with $34 billion from the COVID-19 vaccine, CNBC reported.

“So I think, you know, we're still not going to be able to know for certain,” she concludes, “that we have truth in the research results whenever they come out."

Back in the NBC News story, any reader of that story must scroll down the web page 23 paragraphs to read about a CDC study published in The Lancet that followed 500-plus teens and young adults who were diagnosed with myocarditis. A quarter of them were taking daily medication because of the heart problem, and more than 100 were not cleared for physical activity. In the group, 81 showed an “abnormality” on an MRI.

The story picks up in the final paragraph to report Miller, the 22-year-old, is “still experiencing symptoms” and is in and out of hospitals.