Beware the word 'individual' in Michigan's Prop. 3

Beware the word 'individual' in Michigan's Prop. 3

Beware the word 'individual' in Michigan's Prop. 3

A traditional values expert is warning against a Michigan ballot measure she argues would remove parents' rights in transgender surgery for their children.

Proposition 3 is a proposed constitutional amendment designed to provide unlimited abortion – in fact, it's called the "Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative." But there's a snag, says The Ruth Institute. The proposal says every "individual" has a right to unlimited abortion; not just "women," but every individual of any age or gender.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of The Ruth Institute tells AFN that Prop. 3 "deceptively" smuggles in the language for transgender treatment and mutilation surgery.

"Then when you start to include sterilization and infertility care coupled with that previous [language] glitch, now you've opened the door to transgender medical interventions," she contends. "Why do I say that? Because many if not most of transgender medical interventions have a high likelihood of creating infertility or sterilization."

Morse, Dr. Jennifer Roback (Ruth Institute) Morse

In addition, the proposed constitutional amendment wipes out any state law providing for parental consent or notification, says Morse.

"You're looking at the high probability that this is going to turn into an unlimited right for minors to enter into trans medical intervention to attempt to change the sex of their bodies, with or without the approval or even notice of their parents," she warns. "That's what this is a Trojan horse for."

Morse adds that if proponents wanted to just get unlimited abortion legalized, they would not have used the language contained in the proposal. And as far as using the term "individual"? She argues "if the framers of this amendment intended its provisions to be limited to adults, they could have easy said so."

Therefore, says Morse, Michigan voters need to be aware of the deceptive wording in the proposed amendment before going to the polls on Election Day.