Charity called out for claiming 'utter rubbish'

Charity called out for claiming 'utter rubbish'

Charity called out for claiming 'utter rubbish'

A Christian charity in the United Kingdom is pleased to see that the methods used to help kids attempt to change genders are being called into question.

Miriam Cates, the Conservative MP for Penistone and Stockbridge, recently raised serious questions about Mermaids, a British charity and advocacy organization that supports "gender variant" and transgender youth and also provides inclusion and diversity training.

Upon learning that Mermaids is, for example, sending chest binders to girls without their parents' knowledge, a spokesman for the government said it will consider whether to amend the guidance on the basis of the Charity Commission's assessment of complaints.

Simon Calvert of The Christian Institute points out that the organization also falsely claims that the effects of puberty blockers can be reversed.

"The very reason why everybody's now so worried about puberty blockers is that it's not reversible; it causes permanent damage, and everybody's now having to admit that," he asserts. "And certainly in terms of surgery, that's not reversible, is it?"

He says those who bought into the false claims about transitioning and learned the truth too late need to speak up.

Calvert, Simon (Christian Concern) Calvert

"We need to hear from the voices of detransitions, the people who have followed the Mermaids timeline and deeply, deeply regret it and can't go back," Calvert submits. "They've had hormones, they've had the surgery, and they can't undo it. So the idea that it's reversible is just such utter rubbish."

Prime Minister Liz Truss did not back Cates' calls for a police inquiry, she agreed that "those matters should be raised and looked at properly."

Though a compliance case into Mermaids has been opened in the United Kingdom, a number of like-minded organizations are still permanently damaging people in the United States.